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North Carolina Legislative Update | August 11, 2023

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Negotiations are ongoing between the House and Senate, with a budget anticipated to be finalized either during the first or second week of September.

The latest information suggests that the budget will include provisions for video lottery terminals (VLTs), with their projected revenue playing a significant role in the budgetary process. Additionally, there are indications that the budget might encompass the establishment of four casino and entertainment districts in rural counties, although specific details surrounding this remain unclear.

The stance of Governor Cooper regarding a potential veto of the budget remains uncertain. His preference for allocating funds towards Medicaid expansion, which is expected to be part of the budget, adds a layer of complexity to this decision.

On August 16, the House is scheduled to conduct veto override votes for four separate matters. This development highlights a forthcoming decision-making juncture in legislative proceedings.

Shifting focus to the gaming sphere, the North Carolina Court of Appeals has ruled that the Ocean Fish King game machine constitutes an illegal game of chance. Concurrently, law enforcement officials in Columbus and neighboring counties have initiated the process of dispatching cease and desist letters to businesses operating illicit game machines. These establishments are being granted a period of time to cease their operations involving these game machines, failure of which may result in legal actions for engaging in unlawful gambling activities.

We will keep you updated with all legislative updates.

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