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Game Play Parameters

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Game play parameters are set within the VLT itself. The outcome of all video lottery games played on a VLT is determined by the Random Number Generator (RNG) or equivalent random determinate device contained within each VLT. The key parameters of game play determined by the Government and Southland are the theoretical win percentage, the amount of wagers and prize payouts, and the aggregate limit on prize payouts. Records of each game played and the amount of all credits paid by players and prizes paid out from the VLT are housed both locally on the VLT, the site POS terminals and in the CMS, and can be monitored by the Government at all times.

A player inserts money into the VLT to play and hits a cash out button when the player is finished playing. VLTs can offer one game for play or a large menu of games. At the end of play, the VLT will then print a ticket reflecting the player’s remaining cash balance and/or winnings. The ticket is honored by the video lottery Retailer who pays out to the player the cash awards reflected on the printed ticket. This process for paying player winnings assures cash in the video lottery system is always tracked by the CMS.

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